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The Cumberland County Exhibition, under the auspices of the Oxford Agriculture Society, has been in operation since 1918. It was started as a one-day show, changed to 2 and then 3 days and now runs a full 6 days including 4H events. The week-long Exhibition consists of various activities including a queens' pageant, talent show, various farm animals, different displays and vendors and more.


The Wild Blueberry Harvest Festival began in 1988 in our region, and takes place during the last 2 weeks in August.  In Oxford various activities take place during the first week of the Festival (follow the Town's Face book sites and community calendars) and the Exhibition is the last week.


The Capitol Theatre is host to a variety of community events. Upcoming concerts, movies, plays or other events will be posted on the Community Events Calendar on this website, and/or Town or Theatre Facebook pages or the Town's monthly printed calendar.


Oxford Riverside Gallery


The Oxford Arena (Lions Recreation Centre) located on Waverly Street hosts tournaments, recreation events, skating shows, hockey and much more. Currently the town along with a dedicated group of volunteers is raising money for renovations and upgrades to the arena. If you would like to support the community's efforts by giving to the Oxford Arena, please call the Oxford Town Hall at 447-2170. All donations are tax deductible.

LIONS PARKLAND (*** The Lions Parkland is currently closed.  Last updated October 11, 2018)

Located minutes off the Trans-Canada highway is the Lions Parkland. Enjoy a swim in our natural salt water lake or spend time picnicking, enjoying the view in the park, or take a walk on the short trail. There is also playground equipment for children. 


Just across the bridge from the Town Hall, on Lower Main St., you'll find a shady little park for picnicing and a nice walk by the river.  There are also picnic tables on Water Street, on the grassy area beside the ball field.  These also have a view of the river.  The Town Hall lawn also has a picnic table that you are welcome to enjoy.


There are three rivers that converge into Oxford (Black River, Little River and River Phillip) making us one of the best fishing locations in Cumberland County. Canoeists also take advantage of the rivers, enjoying the beautiful scenery.

The TransCanada Trail (now known as The Great Trail) is great for ATVing, hiking, cycling or a leisurely walk.  There are also short walking trails:  one at the Lions Parkland and one at the entrance to the Oxford Regional Education Centre.

Be sure to check out community events to stay up-to-date on what's happening in Oxford.